Multi-Function Touch USB Pen Holder LED Student Desktop Office Bedroom Charging Reading Lamp Table Lamp

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Multifunctional Desk Lamp  
Product material :ABS+ hose

Style / color :white / pink

Rated voltage 5V

Rated power 1W

USB output 5V/1A

Rated current 150mA

Battery capacity 1200mAh

Charging time about 2-3 hours

Working time about 8.5H

Product size :11.2*12.3*43.6 (CM)

Packing size :12.3*12.3*11.5 (CM)

Product packaging Neutral color box

Single net weight / gross weight 290g / 350g

Net weight/13.84KG/14.80KG

Outer box size 60.5*27*53 (CM)
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Using Precautions 
1. Before using the desk lamp, you need to adjust the bottom switch to the ON direction. The table lamp switch is a tact switch.
2. Tact switch: short touch once for white light, touch once again for warm light, long press for stepless dimming, can remember brightness.
3. The red indicator light will flash when charging, and the blue light will be on after full charge. 
4. After fully charged, 8.5 hours can be used when the light is brightest. 
5. When the USB output is working, the blue light is on for normal operation (The blue light will automatically turn off in about 15 seconds) 
6. During the use, when the brightness of the light is dim, it means that the battery is completely discharged.In order to protect the battery, it should be stopped and charged in time. Please do not wait until the battery is exhausted before charging otherwise the battery will be easily damaged. 
7. Please charge for more than 3 hours before using this table lamp. 
8. The desk lamp should be used for a long time. If it is left for a long time, it needs to turn the base switch to the OFF direction.It must be charged once every 2 months of inactivity and charge it at least 3 hours each time, otherwise it will reduce battery life.
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