Practical led night lamp Intelligent Door Lock Cabinet Key Induction Small Night Light Sensor moon lamp lampara de luna



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 Practical led night lamp Intelligent Door Lock Cabinet Key Induction Small Night Light Sensor moon lamp



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  • Installation: Use double-sided tape (with) or use M3.0X20 mm screws (not included).

  • Working Humidity: 5% -93%.

  • Working temperature: -5 to 38 degree Celsius.

  • Usage: placed on the door, kitchen, safe case, wardrobe, drawers, car glove box, etc for infrared sensor lighting.

  • Sensing modes: human infrared sensor.

  • Standby current: <0.1mA.

  • Sensitive distance: 3 m/ 118 inch.

  • Sensitive angle: 60 degrees.

  •  Power: one fifth battery (AA).

  • Light source: 4 x LED.

  • Delay time: 6-8 seconds.

  • 100% Brand new and high quality

  • Material: Plastic.

  • Please note that the battery needs to be purchased by yourself.

  • Auto-sensing LED door lock light use the human body infrared sensor technology and light automatic detection technology. When there is a hand close to the door lock, installed in the lock above the LED lights automatically illuminate. People come, the light has been bright, people go,the lights automatically extinguished. Make it easy and safe to enter your home. In the dark do not have to grope in front of your door.

  • Power: 1.5V.

  • Size: 8 x 4 x 3 cm/ 3.14 x 1.57 x 1.18 inch(L x W x H).

  • Sensor Control: photosensitive sensors (night work, day standby).


  • 2. When the power is turned on, the LED light flashes. Solution: A, the host needs one to two minutes to stabilize the internal circuit, B, the battery may be low, please replace the battery.

  • 1. When the power is turned on, the light does not light. Solution: A. Check the polarity of the battery installation. B. When the ambient light is too bright, the lamp is in standby mode. C, the battery is not charged, please replace the battery.


  • When installing the product, do not install it in a place that is easy for children to avoid, so as to avoid accidents for children.

  • Use a good quality LR06 (AA) No. 5 battery or rechargeable battery.

  • Because of this type of product that uses an infrared sensor, it requires a relatively stable environment.

  • Please keep the lamp away from the monitor and TV.

  • Please allow 1-5mm errors due to manual measurement.

  • Do not place the product in a position facing the glass door or where the temperature changes drastically.

  • LED lights should not directly target people's eyes, especially children.

  • Please pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the working environment, otherwise the battery life will be affected.

  • After the light goes out, a delay of 6-8 seconds, then work again.

  • Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same.

Package included:

  • 1 x Door lock light